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Prima Mabonzo,

Originally from the Republic of Congo, Prima defines herself as a citizen of the world who has chosen Canada as her adopted land. Young dynamic professional, Prima evolves in the field of information technologies.

My story

Prima has traveled through more than ten countries, which is at the origin of its cultural mix and its openness to the world. Giving way to an increasingly pressing need to get involved in a project, which tells its story and its different experiences, Prima decides to create its own company, in parallel with its salaried activity. Prima dreams of seeing products from Africa available on the international market in the same way as products from other countries.


Ex-officio President of BPW Montreal and Vice-President Membership of BPW Canada, the development of women's entrepreneurship is one of the causes closest to her heart. It is important for Prima to participate in the development of the local economy while sharing the culture of its native land.


Her greatest strength is perseverance and his ability to surround herself well!

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