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Decoration and design services – residential, commercial and industrial

Transform your space with our interior design service

Welcome to Kisina Déco, where we transform your spaces into true works of art. Our decoration and design services extend to varied areas, ranging from residential to commercial and industrial. Find out how we can create an environment that reflects your style and meets your needs.


Our service focused on:

1. Concept development
Let's work together to bring your ideas to life, designing unique concepts that meet your expectations.

2. 2D, 3D plans and technical specifications
Visualize your project with detailed plans in 2D and 3D, accompanied by technical quotes for a clear understanding of the process.

3. Project coordination
Our team provides seamless coordination from start to finish, ensuring efficient and hassle-free implementation.

For your intexterior - Let's beautify your space with:

1. Interior decoration
Let's create interiors that suit you, harmonizing style and functionality for a space that is both beautiful and practical.

2. Homestaging
For real estate sales projects, let's maximize the potential of your property by presenting it in an attractive way.

3. Choice of colors, materials
Get expert advice on choosing the colors and materials that perfectly complement your vision.

4. Shopping
Simplify the process by letting our team manage the purchases for you, selecting unique pieces to enrich your space.


For your exterior - Let's highlight your outdoor spaces with:

1. Plans for your terrace
Let's design plans for patios and terraces that will become pleasant extensions of your living space.

2. Choice of exterior covering and materials
Opt for durable and aesthetic materials and exterior coverings that add character to your property.

3. Landscaping
Let's create beautiful outdoor spaces with landscaping that complements the aesthetic of your property.

Request a free consultation

Whether you are an individual, a professional or an industrialist, at Kisina Déco, we are committed to bringing your design dreams to life. Make each space a reflection of your personality and lifestyle.

Contact us today to begin your transformation journey. Let’s beautify your world together!

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