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Interior designer

Emilie Immongault Yenot Owanga known by the nickname of EIYO is a talented interior decorator in homestaging.


Endowed with an innate and remarkable creativity that finds its sources in African art and know-how, the artist easily combines Western culture with Afro-jazz performing art.

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My story

EIYO's designs, although very original, are tinged with a bold and balanced dimension when it comes to color matching, scenography or makeovers. The artist is rightly inspired by Piet Mondrian and African art to give a unique and personalized touch to your interior design. This by the delicate choice of tones and materials she uses. 

It gives a major place to order and harmony to create a soothing environment in your home as advocated by Japanese culture. However, the intrusion of its theatrical touch is appreciated by more than one enthusiast of the exotic. 

The outstanding architect that is her friend Holly Spirit leads her to push ever further her limits in terms of creativity, imagination, articulation of preferences and tastes to discover unsuspected dimensions of this art that fascinates her.  


Her extraordinary designs reflect the diversity of cultures she has come across, learned to know and finally integrated. A new essence of design born from the mosaic of differences and which vibrates with beauty and comfort.

An ambitious woman and entrepreneur from here, she is also a careerist with a master's degree in public health, who works full-time as a health planning and program officer.

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