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Interview with OU'TAM'SI magazine

When OU'TAM'SI magazine contacted me for an interview, I was delighted to share my story and my passion with their readers. As the founder of Kisina Déco, a Quebec company that celebrates Africa through art and decoration, I was able to share my journey and my vision during this exclusive interview. Dive with me into this captivating encounter with OU'TAM'SI and discover how Kisina Déco brings an African touch to the heart of Quebec.

Read the interview:

The interview with OU'TAM'SI was an incredible opportunity to share my passion for African art and interior design. Kisina Deco strives to create a dialogue between Africa and Quebec, bringing African influences into our living spaces. I am grateful to OU'TAM'SI magazine for giving me this platform to present my work and my commitment to the promotion of African culture. I hope this interview inspires readers to explore and embrace the beauty of Africa in their own homes.

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