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Kisina Déco Makes Headlines in MTL Blog's Article: Starting A Side Hustle In Quebec

We're thrilled to announce that Kisina Déco has been featured in an article by MTL Blog, published on January 26th. Titled "Starting A Side Hustle In Quebec: 6 Young Entrepreneurs Who Made Their Dreams A Reality," the piece highlights the journey of young entrepreneurs across Quebec who have successfully pursued their passions while balancing full-time jobs.

One such entrepreneur showcased in the article is our very own Prima Mabonzo, the founder of Kisina Déco. Originally from the Republic of the Congo, Prima embarked on her entrepreneurial journey with the vision of infusing Canadian homes with the vibrant colors and warmth of African style.

"I wanted to bring the warmth and colors of Africa into my new world where the settings often seemed grey to me," Prima shared with MTL Blog. "I also wanted to share African beauty and culture with the rest of the world."

Despite facing challenges in securing funding from traditional sources, Prima found support through the Futurpreneur Side Hustle Program. This program provided her with a collateral-free loan and a mentor, empowering her to turn her love for Senegalese handcrafting into a thriving side hustle while maintaining her nine-to-five IT job.

"To me, a side hustle is a good way 'to take risk intelligently,'" Prima remarked, echoing the sentiments of LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman. She emphasized the importance of programs like Futurpreneur's Side Hustle Program in supporting the new generation of entrepreneurs.

"I strongly recommend the Side Hustle program to all the full-time workers who would like to start their business in parallel. The program fits the reality of the new generation of entrepreneurs, and the support provided makes all the difference."

At Kisina Déco, we're dedicated to bringing the beauty and culture of Africa into Canadian homes, and we're grateful for the recognition from MTL Blog. We remain committed to empowering individuals to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams, and we invite you to join us on our journey of creativity, culture, and community.

For more information about Kisina Déco and our unique collection of African-inspired décor, visit our website and follow us on Instagram & Facebook @kisinadeco.

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