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You Can Turn Your Passion Into A Legit Side Hustle In 2023 & Here’s Where To Start

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Prima Mabonzo, founder of Kisina Déco, answered some questions from Narcity about the Side Hustle Program.

Futurpreneur has been helping young Canadians turn their entrepreneurial ideas into businesses for over 25 years, and their Side Hustle Program could be just the thing to get you from daydreamer to established side hustler.

Through the Side Hustle Program, you get access to support that can help you realize your vision, including financing, business and marketing advice and resources, and a dedicated mentor to help you through the critical first couple of years of your new biz.

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"The Futurpreneur Side Hustle Program was the only one available for full-time employees [like] me [...] " - Prima Mabonzo.

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